Tommaso Graziosi

Dear Athletes and participating countries,

as President of the Organizing Committee I am glad to organize the 12 ͭ ͪedition of the Deaf European Basketball Championship. 

This  event is particularly meaningful to me, because I am a former athlete and TD, and I am profoundly proud to give my contribution as OC  President. 

I want to give all of you my warm welcome to this wonderful event of sport, culture and tourism in the charming region of  Abruzzo, in the city of Pescara.

Thank the national, regional and local governments for their support: their great awareness will give us the chance to host  this Championship with the highest level of competition.

I wish all participants good luck, and I am sure that the true values of sport will win all the competitions.

Dear athletes and participants from all over Europe,

the FSSI – Italian Federation of Deaf Sports and the CIP – Italian Paralympic Committee, the Municipality of Pescara with the Organizing Committee, accepted this big challenge to organize the 12th European Deaf Basketball Championship.

We decided to give to the deaf athletes the chance to fulfill the dream of competing a European Championship, restoring their right to take part in this event they have been waiting for four years, after sacrifice and hard training, making them proud to represent their countries without distinction of any kind.

I am sure that you will participate with enthusiasm and commitment: victories and defeats will not reduce that respect for the values of sport which, thanks to you, will be enhanced.

Thanks to the Italian Paralympic Committee President Luca Pancalli, who gave us his full support, we will demonstrate again our ability to be protagonists of a politics of synergy and inclusiveness. 

I hope that the 2021 edition, which will be a qualifying tournament for the 2022 Summer Deaflympics, will show the high level of competition of the Deaf athletes, which can reach very high quality performances. 

At least, I want to thank FSSI board members for their moral support, the federal offices for their efforts supporting this important event that for the first time will be hosted in Italy. 

Carlo Masci Mayor of Pescara

Greetings from the Mayor Carlo Masci

Pescara opens its arms and welcomes the European men and women basketball players. Hosting an important event as a  European Championship, means for a city enriching its palmarés, and mostly, enhances it with a sporting and human  experience of the highest value.

The enthusiasm of the young athletes is not only competitive on the sport hall parquet, but it is also that one that lives in the  streets of Pescara in its most beautiful corners, on its beautiful Riviera, and in the nightlife district.

Whether the results of the competition and who will stand on the podium, this is a victory for all the participants and for all  those who will attend, because unique moments will be shared. 

My warm welcome is therefore from all the citizens of Pescara.

Greetings from Councilor Patrizia Martelli

The first time in Pescara will be unforgettable, because here on the Adriatic coast of the poet D’Annunzio all the stars from Europe find their perfect scenario where to shine.

As Councilor, Head of Sport department, I am happy to greet all the basketball players, both men and women, and to guarantee them that our famous hospitality will equal the ability to organize and to show all the best that we have.

We are an open and receptive city for all the sports, with our venues, equipment and spirit of cooperation. 

Pescara guarantees athletes, technicians and staff functionality and courtesy, so that this European Championship will remain in our and your history like a chapter to be proud of.

Nicoletta Di Nisio

Greetings from Councilor Nicoletta Di Nisio

The European Deaf Basketball Championships in Pescara is certainly an event that will allow athletes, families and companions to get to know and visit our city, both its historical and modern side, to visit our museums and appreciate the eno-gastronomic and specialties, and our landscapes.

However, I want to pay attention to how this event is an opportunity to continue to place greater attention at the center of the initiatives of our city for those who, unfortunately, are affected by what is defined as an “invisible disability”.

As a councilor, with responsibility for “Disability policies”, “Listening to social discomfort” and “Social associations”, I have activated a dedicated desk to these issues since September 2020.

This Help desk is in collaboration with ENS – National Association for the Protection and the Assistance of the Deaf, local Section of Pescara, and offers qualified and effective assistance to deaf people, thanks to the activity of LIS – Italian Sign Language – operator and provide interpreters, in person or remotely, who can solve one of the many problems that need to break down the language barrier that divides the world of the Deaf from that of the hearing, precluding their full integration into civil society.

Furthermore, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the help desk offers help for vaccination as well, with the presence in the Pescara vaccination center of people who can sign LIS.

There is still a lot to do, but with these initiatives we try not to exclude anyone and we want everyone to be protagonists.