Tommaso Graziosi

Dear Athletes and participating countries, as President of the Organizing Committee I am glad to work on the organization of the 4 ͭ ͪedition of the Deaf World Volleyball Championship.

I want to give all of you my warm welcome to this wonderful event of sport, culture and  tourism  in  the  charming  region  of  Tuscany,  in  the  “hot  thermal  water”  of  the cities of Chianciano Terme and Chiusi.

We  want  to  thank  the  institutions  and  the  municipality  of   Chianciano  Terme  and Chiusi,  they  showed  us  their  sensitivity  since  our  very  first  meeting.  

I  am  sure  that this will lead our Championship to a very high level, where the union between sport and culture will be enhanced. 

I wish all the participants good luck, and I am sure that the true values of sport will win all the competitions.

Guido Zanecchia

Dear Athletes, TDs and Delegates from all over the deaf sport world, the FSSI – Italian Federation of Deaf Sports and the CIP – Italian Paralympic Committee, the Municipality of Chianciano Terme and Chiusi  with  the  Organizing  Committee,  accepted  this  big  challenge  to  organize  the 4 ͭ ͪ World  Deaf Volleyball Championship , to give to the athletes a big opportunity.

We decided to preserve the right of deaf athletes to represent their country: they’ll take part in this event they have been waiting for four years, after sacrifice, hard training and pride. With this event we want to give a signal: the SPORT is ALIVE beyond this pandemic really puts us to the test.

I am sure that you will participate with joy and enthusiasm, beyond victories or defeats, on behalf of the sporting spirit.

Thanks  to  the  Italian  Paralympic  Committee  and  its  President,  Luca  Pancalli,  the  event  has  been included   in   the   list   of   sporting   events   of   pre-eminent   national   interest,   making   this   difficult challenge, proposed to Italy by ICSD to avoid another cancellation, possible.

I hope that the 2021 edition will show the high level of competition of the Deaf athletes, which can reach very high quality performances. 

At least, I want to thank FSSI board members for their moral support, the federal offices for their efforts supporting the event and the OC members, that in such a delicate moment accepted the challenge of not stopping the sport!

Andrea Marchetti

We are very proud to host the World Deaf Volleyball Championship: we will try to welcome all those that will come to Chianciano Terme with warmth.

Being the protagonists in a moment of sport is important, for the economic outcome and for the universal value of sport, which means participation and social development, that our city has been experiencing for a long time. 

The competitive effect, in this event, leaves space to participation and to communities that coexist, honoring our city of Chianciano Terme.

The love for sport has always fascinated me and I have learned that when you go on the field, like Pope Francis would say, “You can find beauty, gratuitousness and camaraderie. If a match is missing these elements, it loses strength, even if the team wins. 

There is no place for individualism, but everything means coordination for the team”.

I want to thank all those people that, on different levels, with commitment and passion contributed to the realization of this edition of the World Championship. 

A huge “good luck” to all the athletes and greetings to all the fans that will come to see the competitions, hoping that this sport event could also be an opportunity to stay together discovering the natural, artistic and cultural beauties of our territory.

Juri Bettollini

In September our city and the whole territory will have the honor of hosting the Deaf Volleyball World Championships, an extraordinary event that we will experience with great enthusiasm and participation. 

The event will certainly be engaging and we are sure that we will see breathtaking matches that will keep us in suspense until the end.

As the City of Chiusi we are really proud to have been chosen as one of the venues for the event because volleyball represents a discipline that has written the history of our town with hundreds of children who have practiced and continue to practice this sport. 

In addition to this, as an Administration we have always paid great attention trying to promote the positive values that sport is able to transmit to the younger generations and we are convinced that an event of this level will be full of examples of fair play, not only as a practice of respect for opponents, but also just like custom and lifestyle. 

A sincere thanks is due to all those who are working so that the World Championships can be carried out without problems and, of course, our greatest wishes go to all the athletes involved, to be able to realize the dream of becoming world champions. 

Our hope is to have the opportunity to show the beauties of our territory to all the people involved and above all to be able to get excited in the presence of the athletic deeds that we will see in our sports hall. It would be the best way to celebrate the title of 2020 European Town of Sport.